Churchill Manitoba Shorebirds

Lesser Yellowlegs – Tringa flavipes landing on spruce processed as a high key image

Traveling around Churchill on the tundra, we were able to observe only Passeriformes but a decent number of different shorebirds in breeding plumage. The shorebirds were not as skittish as they are back home during migrations. Below are images of some of the different shorebirds that we encountered.

Wilson’s Snipe – Gallinago delicata
American Golden-Plover – Pluvialis dominica
Whimbrel – Numenius phaeopus

Short-billed Dowitcher – Limnodromus griseus
Semipalmated Plover – Charadrius semipalmatus showing broken Wing display
Lesser Yellowlegs – Tringa flavipes

American Golden-Plover – Pluvialis dominica