Another Tuesday Morning

On our birding trip today, we visited Daniel Webster Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary located in Marshfield Massachusetts. The sanctuary has two observation blinds, a morning blind, and an afternoon blind; both blinds have barn swallows nests inside. The afternoon blind at a nest where the young were visible and opening their molds asking to be fed. I captured this image of one of the young being fed.
The image was taken with my Nikon D500 and my Nikkor 200 – 500 mm lens at 270 mm, 1/1/60 second, F/5.6, ISO 4000, +1/3 EV on a monopod.

Barn swallow Feeding

In the morning blind, a pair of barn swallows are still building their nest. They would bring in a beak full of mud and small pieces of twigs and grass which they used to create the nest.

Barn swallow With Material for Its Nest
Barn swallow Building Its Nest

We did have an excellent day birding with the sighting of 50 species. We had 27 different species before we even left the parking lot. This included Jake wild turkeys strolling across the grass to get into the area where the bird feeders are located.

Wild turkeys On Parade

Bobolinks were around and not shy as they usually are. I captured an image of one perched on a post.

Bobolink on a fence post

Common grackles gave us some nice poses.

Common Grackle

After leaving Daniel Webster, we traveled down to Nelson Beach in Plymouth, where besides the Osprey’s, in the pannes was a hen mallard with three ducklings.

Hen Mallard with Ducklings

We finished the morning at Jenny pond, where up in the sky at a distance a red-tailed hawk was being bombed by crows. A great blue heron was resting standing in the water by the shoreline, probably digesting the fish which it previously caught. I was told this by a lovely lady who watched the heron catching the fish.

Red-tailed hawk being born by crows
Great Blue Heron