Daniel Webster Sanctuary and Processing Hints

Yesterday Doug and I decided to visit Daniel Webster Sanctuary to see what we could find in the way of birds and anything else. We left and fog and as we progressed toward the coast the fog with the intermittent, but steadier as we approach the coast. At the sanctuary, the sky was bright overcast and there was still fog present. From the big pond, a pair of swans flew by us and then returned as they passed directly overhead you could feel the beat of their massive wings.

Mute swans flying in the fog

I spent most of my time in the blinds. In the morning blind, I met up with my friend Karl and his companions who were photographing barn swallow activity as they landed and had action on the post. I took some interesting shots, but for the blog, I have only processed one.

Barn swallows arguing

A red-winged blackbird landed in a tree and perched in the open and gave us an opportunity not only to photograph it but listen to its song.

Red-winged blackbird singing

I noticed in the cattails across from me, a few common grackles that landed on them, most of the grackles flew away side would. However one flew straight at me.

“Coming at You” common grackles flying straight out of the cattails

An interesting observation was there were no waterfowl in the pond except for a family of Canada geese with goslings that came into the water off the land swam around for a short period and then left the water to go back onto the field


The family of Canada geese with their goslings

At the afternoon blind, there were a few barn swallows flying around and trying to get into the blind, because there are nests up on the roof inside.

The best event was a pair of tree swallows mating, the male had relations with the female many times.

Tree swallows mating

I have changed my processing; I usually would do most of my processing in Lightroom and use Photoshop with my actions that utilize Topaz plug-ins (used the action to process the Canada Geese photo.) I’ve now been utilizing tin Man Lee’s Digital Workflow 2.0: Dynamic Tension Siege, which requires some processing in Lightroom but the significant processing occurs in Photoshop using NIK plug-ins. Tin Man’s processing believes and subtle changes (all the rest of the pictures were processed with his tensions.)  To learn more, you can contact him at tinman@c.kajabimail.net.