Black-capped Chickadee – Poecile atricapillus flying upside down

Good morning to everyone. I want to welcome all the new readers of my blog.

Since I am not quite up to my full health and have not been out photographing, I have been reviewing older images. I am now working in the year 2010. What has helped is viewing the photographs at the full-screen mode rather than a thumbnail. Also, with all the recent updates to LightRoom, Photoshop, NIK plug-in, Topaz, and a few others. Topaz has added artificial intelligence to a number of their plug-ins which also work as a standalone. Sharpening Pro has helped improve the number of images. Also, I have employed multiple settings that I have learned through the web from various photographers. I have utilized their information to help me create my own sets of plug-ins and actions. A majority of my actions have a stop after each step so I can modify the output.

I have been posting to my homepage on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/myer.bornstein and to Photo Bee 1 page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/myer.photobee1/.

Here is an image of a blue flag Iris on which I noticed 2 insects. After searching my field guides, I concluded they belonged to the insect family Syrphidae and are called hoverflies. Because of their brightly colored with sports stripes and bands a yellow they are often mistaken for wasp or bees. They are harmless to humans. The adults feed mainly on nectar and pollen while there live I ate a wide range of foods including aphids.

Hoverflies on a blue flag Iris