This past week the three amigos went out birding. We covered our usual areas locally, including Tamarack Park, Long Point Causeway, and Oliver Mills Park.

Compared to our last visit to Tamarack Park the birding this time was very slow. That doesn’t mean that there was not anything to see or photograph. Botany wise, American burnweed was growing in the meadow and just getting ready to blossom. Goldenrod was in bloom. An interesting finding on top of one of the posts surrounding the meadow was a growth of British Soldier Lichens and coming out of a crack at the top of the post was swarming carpenter ants.

Slaty Skimmer
British soldiers lichen with swarming carpenter ants
Familiar Bluet
American Burnweed

Down at the Causeway, there was a high cloud formation. Plus a conifer with water drops. Searching around the cranberry bogs, were swarmings of barn swallows with groups sitting on the water sprinklers. And eastern Kingbird was catching bugs over the bog.

Cloud Formation
Conifer with Water Drops
Barn swallows sitting on I sprinkler
Eastern Kingbird

We finished the morning at Oliver Mills Park. coastal plain Joe Pye weed was blooming. Flying around the flowers were bumblebees. A significant portion of the waterways on the Nemasket around the dams was overgrown with foliage.

Coastal Plain Joe Pye Weed
Vegetation Overgrowth

This coming week, we will return to see what has changed in these areas. Each visit is different.