What I Wanted to See and Here Is What Occurred

Sakonnet Light After Processing

Yesterday, after visiting Gooseberry and other places along the shore, watching the waves crashing on the rocks. I decided to travel out to Sakonnet Point, hopefully, to see waves crashing against the lighthouse. Typically, we have observed the tower from the Breakwater at Sakonnet Point. My son’s GPS showed us a different road to go down, which got us directly opposite the lighthouse.

Although at the shoreline, the waves were crashing and causing lots of splashes. However, the lighthouse did not have any waves crashing around it.

Original Image of Sakonnet Light

On the left side, away from the lighthouse, some rocks were being splashed on.

To fulfill my vision of what I wanted to see. I utilized Lightroom Classic, Photoshop CC, plus the plug-ins from Luminar 4. content-aware move tool in Photoshop to move the waves from the rocks to the lighthouse. Placed the mask to the new layer, lower the opacity on the layer, and using a black brush at a lower opacity to reveal the covered portion of the lighthouse. My next step was to go to Luminar and add a new sky. Finally, I finished off the project with Topaz AI: DeNoise, Sharpen, and Adjust.

Original Image of Sakonnet Light
Move the Selection
Reveling the Lighthouse by lowering the opacity
Painting to revel
Crop the image
Sky Change with Luminar 4
Final Processing Steps with Topaz AI

This gave me the composition that I had visualized in my mind before arriving at the location.

Sakonnet Light After Processing

Please reply either yes or no. Did you like what I processed?