Squacco Heron (Ardeola ralloid)

I’m sure a lot of my followers and noticed that I have not been posting anything on Facebook since June. Early on June 30, I was working on a blog about the Squacco Heron. Around suppertime, I had lost my appetite and only had some vegetables for supper. That night I’ve had some chills and sweats and the next day I spent mainly relaxing. Early on the morning of June 2, I woke up and tried to go to the bathroom but found that I could not stand and fell. Because I couldn’t stand and was feeling very lousy, my kids called the ambulance, and I ended up in the hospital. After consultations, the tentative diagnosis was Lyme disease. They started me on appropriate antibiotics, along with OT and PT therapy. By using a walker, I was able to move around somewhat. Although I was not happy with the suggestion, they convinced me that it would be best that I went into rehab. I spent from July 9 until the 24th at the rehab. Where they were able to help with increasing my strength and my walking ability until I was able to walk not using the walker every time and was able to climb stairs, that part climb stairs was necessary since at my condominium I have 14 stairs between downstairs in my bedroom. While I am slowly feeling better and awaiting the visiting nurse and after that, OT and PT at home. Hopefully, soon, I will be able to get out and photograph again.

When I go out photographing I wear insects shield protective clothing, and I checked myself for ticks when I come home. The only strange event was at the rehab when I was changing clothes when I shook out my pants and found a dead tick. Where it came from I, don’t know, but it can help confirm the diagnosis of Lyme disease.