Wednesday’s Birding and a New Life Bird

Eastern bluebird

Doug and I went out birding today. Compared to last few days, the temperature went from the minus numbers to the low 50s. After yesterday’s and last night’s rain, a significant amount of the snow had disappeared. Our first stop was Watchemoket Cove in East Providence, where we were lucky enough to gather a new life bird for the two of us. The life bird was a greylag goose, which was present in the area for a period. I did obtain a photograph of the bird. The photograph is mainly for identification purposes only, since the goose was way across the cove.

Greylag goose

We stopped at Haynes Memorial Park in East Providence, where the significant finding was a pair of American Wigeons.

American Widgeon

Traveling to Turner Reservoir, which is on the boundary between Rhode Island and Massachusetts in the city of East Providence in the town of Seekonk. On portions of the reservoir, there was still ice. We did locate mute swans, mallards, hooded merganser, and had a flight of gadwall’s pass overhead.

Hooded merganser
Mute swan
Gadwals in flight

Since we were in Seekonk, we decided to visit Rhode Island Audubon’s Caratunk Wildlife Refuge. The best finding there was a male Eastern Bluebird, who flashed its beautiful colors to the bright sun.

Eastern bluebird

We finished the morning’s birding at the Swansea boat ramp, where we had more of the same species. We ended the day with total sightings of 35 different species.