Fairhaven Massachusetts

The area where a clapper rail was seen

During the fall into winter months, I have visited Fairhaven photographing mainly at Fort Phoenix. Recently, there have been reports on e-bird about king and clapper rails present at Egypt Lane. Therefore, for our Tuesday morning birding and photography trip, we all traveled to Egypt Lane. Arriving, at first we went down the entire Lane but were not sure where the location was. We noticed on the side of the road an area where cars had been parked. We parked there and as we were getting ready, a second car pulled up and parked and any other bird or/photographer who I knew but out. After discussing the location where to go, he kindly showed us the area. If you are coming up Egypt Lane, he walked up to the Fairhaven bike trail which runs along a hurricane dike. Turning to the right and walking down you could hear a clapper rail calling on the left. The rail only was quiet for less than a minute or two. Because my back is still not in the best shape, I walked down to where there were some steps where I could sit and watch the area where the rail was. I did photograph other species including mallards in flight plus a crow harassed by a smaller bird.

Drake Mallard in flight
Crow being harassed

Finally, the rail made eight few appearances, and I was able to get a few decent shots. The hardest part was trying to get focus on the rails head because it was moving among the grass and phragmites stems.

Clapper Rail
Clapper Rail

The king rail did not make an appearance as well as the second clapper rail.

Before leaving, looking at the horizon of Fairhaven, many steeples were showing above the tree line.

Skyline of Fairhaven

We finished off the morning with a trip to West Island, where common terns were flying, and piping plovers were running on the beach.

Common Tern flying
Piping Plover
Piping plover

I’m continuing to love the Tamron 18-400 mm lens because of the zoom range and clarity of the images.