Sunrise and a Waning Crescent Moon

Civil Dawn

My son and I woke early this morning to travel out to Westport to photograph the sunrise. Rather than choosing Gooseberry, I chose the beach at the junction of Horseneck road and E. Beach Rd. because the sun was going to rise more northeasterly over Dartmouth, Buzzards Bay, and the Cape.

When we arrived, the sky was transforming from nautical dawn into civil dawn. There was a thick bank of clouds from the East toward the South and above the clouds was a 20% waning crescent moon. I utilize my long lens to take the image of the moon. I then set up my other wide angle lens on the tripod and first and did more northerly to get the pinkness in the sky. As we were approaching sunrise, I adjusted my camera to aim at that area of the sky.

Waning Crescent Moon
Civil dawn

I got my images. However, when I downloaded them onto my computer, I found that I had inadvertently changed my capture mode from Raw to JPEG. My fault for not checking my settings before you start photographing check your camera to make sure that you have the right information programmed into it.