The Stories Behind the Pictures

Before I talk about the stories, I will tell a little bit about my workflow. I start In Lightroom Classic, if needed crop, spot removal, and white balance. Next, I choose the profile or use one of my plug-ins. Finally, I utilized all of the develop module to get my settings. Next, I transfer the image to Photoshop, where I have different sets of plug-ins to use, depending on if it’s a landscape, scenics, architecture, or nature. The final image is returned into LightRoom, where it is saved or exported as needed.

American Robins and Blue Jays

My son and I were traveling around some of our usual places. On the side of the dirt road, besides the cranberry bog and below the old Island Terrance Nursing Home, first multiple Blue Jays flew out of the cranberry bog and scattered into the trees, then came down and started feeding in the grass. I was able to photograph a Blue Jay with an acorn in it speak. A flock of American Robins – Turdus migratorius were feeding on Flowering Dogwood – Cornus florida berries. Parking the car and photographing the robins from inside the car, I was able to capture them feeding. One would eat some berries then flyaway, and a different Robin comes in and start feeding.

Blue Jay – Cyanocita cristata with an acorn in it speak
Blue Jay – Cyanocita cristata
American Robins – Turdus migratorius were feeding on Flowering Dogwood – Cornus florida berries
American Robins – Turdus migratorius were feeding on Flowering Dogwood – Cornus florida berries

American Mink

This is an exciting story. We had stopped at the Herring Run Recreation Area at the Cape Cod Canal. My son went down the stairs to the bike path, while I was still in the parking lot. As I was watching him, suddenly coming down the track was a Mink. The Mink stopped and looked at my son. I grabbed my camera and slowly descended the stairs, and when I had a good view, I started photographing the Mink. The Mink, at that point, decided to run over the bank and down into the rocks. I came down to the path and was hoping to capture the Mink among the rocks, but the Mink was a “Speedy Gonzalez” and flew down the canal. But it was nice getting a clear, unobstructed view of this animal.

American Mink – Neovison vison
American Mink – Neovison vison

Red-tailed Hawk

We were driving slowly along the fence line along Scusset Beach, looking for horned larks. But, there were none. However, we found a Hawk in a conifer at the end of the parking lot. Trying to obtain images, it flew across the meadow and landed back in a conifer. We turned the car around and drove down. I photographed the hawk from the vehicle without any difficulty. My son got out and walked down toward the bird slowly, taking pictures. The hawk turned out to be very patient and allowed my son a close approach.

Red-tailed Hawk – Buteo jamaicensis
Red-tailed Hawk – Buteo jamaicensis changing position in the tree
Red-tailed Hawk – Buteo jamaicensis with blood on a Talon and on its belly

More stories to come in future blogs. I hope you will appreciate them.