Thanksgiving Afternoon

Fishing boat at Westport Harbor with dark skies

After a beautiful Thanksgiving meal that was prepared by Jenner and Barry, Heron and I went to Westport to photograph the sunset.

We first stopped at Westport Harbor, where the sky was cloudy, but the sun was starting to break through slowly, and Both of us shot images of the fishing boats.

Fishing boat at Westport Harbor with the skies starting to lighten
Multiple crafts along the dock

Leaving the harbor and traveling down toward Gooseberry, had Horseneck Beach, I noticed the sun poking through the opening on the 2nd bathhouse. We stopped and took a set of pictures.

Bathhouse at Horseneck Beach with the sun shining through the opening
Sand dune at Horseneck Beach

Arriving at Gooseberry, the sky was clearing but still had clouds present on the western horizon. While waiting for the sunset, my son walked over to the east side, he called me to come over because there was a flock of Sanderlings With a few Dunlins interposed working the wrack line. The peeps were too busy feeding and occasionally fighting to be bothered with us, allowing us to photograph the activities.

Dunlins on the wrack line with a Sanderling behind
Sanderlings feeding on a slipper shell

As the sun slowly drop down to the horizon, I took different views of the sunset, continuing into the blue hour.

Sun flares on the foreground at Gooseberry
Sunset on Gooseberry
Color in the sky after sunset during the blue hour

After the sky stopped changing colors, we decided to head toward home, and as we were passing Horseneck, in the clear sky above the bathhouse was the waxing crescent moon with Jupiter just below it. We had to stop and take images. The next day, processing on my computer (surprisingly, the machine arrived back from Dell in perfect working order. All it needed was the memory and cables reset). I decided besides the picture of the bathhouse with the moon and Jupiter, I would create a composite image adding a larger image of the moon and Jupiter onto the bathhouse base image.

Waxing crescent moon and Jupiter during the blue hour
Composite of the bathhouse at Horseneck Beach with waxing crescent moon ants Jupiter above it
The bathhouse at Horseneck Beach with waxing crescent moon ants Jupiter above it

It turned out to be a great Thanksgiving, and we are now looking forward to the rest of the holidays.