Risso’s Dolphin – Grampus griseus with a blow, black and white sepia

I decided to take one more survey of my images for my trip from San Diego down the Baja on the Pacific side and into the Gulf of California. I have posted numerous pictures on my Facebook site

I came across images of Risso’s Dolphin (Grampus griseus), also known as the grampus which is the name of its genus. My first encounter with a grampus was in Rudyard Kipling, “Captains Courageous:
Where Harvey and Dan were cleaning up after the crew finished filleting the cod. Harvey was costing over the side the fish offal, and a grampus came up alongside the boat. Dan explained what a grampus was to Dan.

Risso’s dolphins are found worldwide in temperate and tropical waters, usually in deeper waters, but close to land. They feed mostly on squid. They will travel typically in groups of anywhere from 10-51. But, occasionally in super ports that can go up to a few thousand individuals.

Besides the individuals that ice found in the Pacific Ocean off the Baja, I have also seen them on Stellwagon Bank in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Massachusetts.

A pod of Risso’s Dolphin – Grampus griseus
Risso’s Dolphin – Grampus griseus with a blow
Risso’s Dolphin – Grampus griseus diving