Another Trip

Mute swans preening, in black and white

Earlier this week, my son and I traveled down to Acushnet, hoping to find the rare geese swans that have been present in the local area. When we arrived at the address, given any bird, there were a couple of problems. One, the land was private, and there was a fence present. The sun was shining directly at us, and although we could see waterfowl in the pond, they were just silhouettes.

We decided to swing around the Acushnet and Rochester area, hoping to locate the birds that we were looking for. But, no luck. We did find flocks of Canada geese.

Checking out areas that we had previously visited, we found the swan still on the Massasoit River and the beautiful pond reflections.

Reflections on the water

We discovered older barns, the first Christian society church in North Fairhaven c1851, the landscape of a field with hay bales, and the Rochester Firemen Memorial.

Old barn being utilized as a business
First Christian Society Church in North Fairhaven
The landscape of field with hay bales
Old upon
Rochester Firemen’s Memorial

On our way home, we visited the causeway in-between-the-ponds and the cranberry bogs. Almost all the bogs are covered with water and ice. At the marsh, which is part of the cranberry bog area, there was a large flock of mallards and one hooded merganser.

Pair of mallards in a hooded merganser

Interesting, was the frozen cranberries in the ice.

Frozen cranberries in ice

When we got close to Assawomsett Pond, my son noticed waterfowl in front of us in the pond. We parked at Tamarack Park, and cross the street and found flocks of mallards, hooded mergansers, and common mergansers. I also was able to get an image of a downy woodpecker feeding on berries.

Common Merganser -Mergus merganser
Common Merganser -Mergus merganser
Common Merganser -Mergus merganser
Common Merganser -Mergus merganser
Hooded mergansers process in black and white
Mallards, hooded mergansers, and a common merganser
Downy Woodpecker – Picoides pubescens feeding on berries