Christmas Day Sunset

Panorama of the dock boats buildings in the colorful sky during the blue hour

Our original plans were to travel out to Gooseberry and photograph the sunset. My son asked if we could stop at Westport Harbor initially, to see what was there swimming in the water. I decided to utilized the Photographers Ephemeris and PhotoPills to plot out the location of the sunset. I came to the conclusion that photographing the evening at the harbor would be the better idea, it would give us different foregrounds and backgrounds than Gooseberry, which would be grass, rocks, and the ocean.

Sunset was forecast for 4:17 PM, and we arrived an approximately one-half hour before. The sun was shining through clouds and given a golden light on the boats.

Fishing boat illuminated by the Golden son

I photographed the golden light coming through a side window on a ship. There was a windshield wiper on the outside of the window, which was covered by ice and small icicles.

Golden sun lighting up a cabin window.

I took a variety of images leading up to sunset. There were no bright colors in the sky.

Silhouette of a portion of a fishing craft with the sun setting in the background

Prior to sunset during the Golden hour
Prior to sunset during the Golden hour

Because everything looked dull, we decided to pack up and leave, when suddenly the sky to the right of where the sunset started to turn pink. For the next 20 minutes, we had color in the sky. This is the reason you should wait at least 30 minutes after sunset because you never know what nature is going to show you.

Final view of the color in the sky as the blue hour increased
Different view of the colorful sky
Start of color in the sky