Excellent Time for Night Sky Photography

Galactic center of the Milky Way over Rhode Island sound seen from Gooseberry

At least here in the southeastern Massachusetts area Wednesday through Saturday morning the night skies are supposed to be clear. We are at the time of the new moon, which means moonlight will not be a problem. The Galactic center of the Milky Way will be visible in the Southwest once astronomical twilight begins. The Galactic center will move westward until it sets around 9 PM. Last night I photographed the Milky Way over Gooseberry and the Rhode Island Sound.

Also, the Orionid meteor showers will be peeking in the hours before sunrise. I would recommend starting to photograph the area around Orion at around 2-3 AM. The peak is October 21. I shot this image of the Orionid 2012. I am hoping to get out one of the next two mornings to capture this year’s shower.

Orionid Meteor in the sky with Orion

The nights are getting colder, so dress warm, and consider putting hot packs on your lens to prevent fogging.

Hand warmers on lens