Berkley Bridge Village Heritage Park and Vicinity

A view of the park

When I first moved into the Taunton area, I was living in Berkeley. At the site that is now the Berkley bridge Village Heritage Park, there was an old rundown house, which in the springtime, the front would be covered with daffodils. I have seen three different bridges at this location over the Taunton River.

The people of Berkeley created this Berkley Bridge Village Heritage Park. It is a small but neatly maintained park right by the east end of the bridge. There are picnic tables at the park and lovely views of the river, but no restrooms or drinking water.

You can launch canoes, kayaks or paddle boats to tour the river, both down to Mount Hope Bay or up to the Weir in Taunton. You’re able to rent canoes in the warmer part of the year. It is a suitable location for birdwatching, with some days the areas loaded with different avian species, including Eagles flying overhead.

Looking down the path toward the Taunton River
Hybrid mallet by the rocks
Hybrid mallet by the rocks
Canada geese feeding
Panorama of the Taunton River with Canada geese

Two days ago, swimming out the mouth of the river into the small bay that is on the left side of the park, were Canada Geese.

Canada geese feeding on the side of the cove

For those who want to relax and read a book, there is a small kiosk that has free book Senate and all it as if you decide to borrow one or wanted to keep it that you replace it with another book.

On the other side of the street, there is an old house that has a grinding wheel and other older items.

Old house with weathervane
Old chairs
Old bowl
Old grinding wheel

Leaving the park and turning right and then the first left onto Berkeley Street, you arrive where the unnamed stream floats down to the Taunton River. The reason I am calling it unknown is that I have searched on Google and Google maps trying to find the name. You get a different view of the river.

Reflections of Fred my decent clouds on the Taunton River
The unknown stream flowing down to Berkeley Street
The unnamed stream leading down to the cove viewed from Berkeley Street
A different view of the Taunton River in Berkeley bridge taken from Berkeley Street