Wild Turkeys – Meleagris gallopava

Tom Displaying

Yesterday, after finishing up photographing the Segreganset River and tributaries, we decided to look for waterfowl. Traveling down through Rehobeth to Swansea, we found an old cornfield in Rehobeth with a flock of wild turkeys feeding. The herds consisted of an adult Tom, a few Jake, and many hens.

The adult Tom was displaying. Then, another Jake came walking toward the group. Tom got excited, which you could tell by the snood was engorged and enlarged.

Adult males, or gobblers, also have fleshy wattles and caruncles on their head and neck and a snood on their beak. These fill with blood and turn bright red when the bird is excited, and the snood hangs down several inches below the beak.

Tom chasing Jake

As we watched the action, and the adult male was approaching the new Jake, it looks like there may be a fight. Well, no luck, after a while, the late Jake was accepted into the flock, and the entire flock strolls into the woods.

Tom and Jakes
Tom and Jakes
Tom, Jake, and Hens
Tom and Jake

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