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Civil Dawn Panorama

My photographic travels recently have been with my son, who is the driver and has included a variety of subjects. I have been shooting both scenics, buildings, history, and wildlife. To cover any of the different items that we come across as we drive throughout southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I have with me two cameras, each fitted with a different lens. One lens for wide-angle and one lens for telephoto. For the scenic images, my camera of choice is the Nikon Z7 fitted with either the NIKKOR 24-70 F/4 Z lens or the Tamron 15-35 F/2.8 lens and an FTZ adapter. For wildlife, I have been using the Nikon D500 with a variety of lenses, Nikon 200-500 F/5.6+1.4 converter, or the Tamron 18-400 mm lens.

This will be the first of two blogs, it documents our trip around Westport, January 27. We started off for sunrise at Gooseberry. The difference in colors during civil dawn and sunrise was outstanding.

Civil Dawn Panorama

There were numerous gulls on the beach and flying in large flocks. We started to leave the island fire the causeway went on the east side we noticed flocks of waterfowl. The flocks included Surf Scooters, American Scoter, Common Eider, Buffleheads and Common Scaup. We stopped and used the car as a blind and took numerous images. We left the causeway and turned around and slowly drove backstopping to take pictures of waves at bar rock and splashing over the road. Reaching the parking lot, we turned around and slowly went back over the causeway, stopping to take additional pictures of the water birds.

Pair of Surf Scoters
Long-tailed Duck
Waves at bar rock in splashing up onto the causeway

The shoreline, by the parking lot outside of the causeway, was loaded with gulls.

Herring gull with slipper shell in it beak

Our next stop was the harbor at Westport Point, was surprisingly the only birds around was a pair of swans. Driving back on the main road, the weathervane on top of the Methodist Church was glowing.

The Golden Weather-vane

We decided we would go check out Acoaxet. On the street, that we decided to take, we found a four-door fence. A little further on down the road, we came across Angeline Brook. One thing that I do when I get back home and download my images. Anything interesting, I will end up doing a Google search to learn more. What I found about Angeline Brook, that it is a Salter Brook, coldwater and home to the saltwater Brook trout. Most of the right away around the brook is being protected because the brook trout are endangered.

Four-Door Fence
Angeline Brook

What I photographed at Acoxest was the scenery, clouds, and a Red-tailed Hawk.

Red-tailed Hawk

The next blog will describe the trip around the Rochester area.

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