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Mute swans swimming down and beat tween the wharf’s

While I was at Westport Harbor awaiting the sunset, I did find other items to photograph. I noticed a pair of mute swans swimming down between the boats anchored at the piers.

When the swans were halfway down toward me, one swam to its right and was hidden behind a boat. The 2nd Swan then disappeared behind the same boat I changed my position at the end of the pier’s and walked down one of the wharf’s working toward the other side. I found the pair of swans feeding at a box. You may think this is unusual; however, last year, the Mute Swan was being fed at the boat launch ramp by the harbormaster’s building. It looks like people in the area adopted the swans, and are keeping them fed throughout the winter.

Mute swans
Mute swans

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