Fairhaven Rare Bird No – Farm Views Yes

Silo with the sun

Thanksgiving night, after we got home from our trip to Westport, I read a notice on Massachusetts River alert of a Northern lapwing being found in Fairhaven. The next morning, my son and I traveled to the location to look for this rare bird. There were multiple people in the area looking for the bird. They came from several states, including Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and New York. Despite searching for over 2 hours, there were no signs of the bird. Since my son had an appointment later in the day, we decided to head home and being disappointed in not finding the lapwing.

However, close by were several farms, with older silos, barns, and an old-style fence, covered with lichens along a field. So no bird pictures, but interesting images anyway.

Silo and clouds
Old barn
Barn and a silo
Silo with the sun

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