A Fun Day at Jenney Pond

First, I want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and happy holidays for whatever one you observe.

On the morning of Christmas Eve day, we traveled to Jenney Pond in Plymouth, Massachusetts. When we arrived, the parking lot was almost empty, and one person was photographing. What was there to snap? Well, both sides of the road, there was a large flock of wild turkeys and on the grass on the pond side an even larger flock of mallards.

The sun was shining directly at me, and I wanted to photograph with the sun behind me. I slowly walked down the middle of the road, passing by all the flocks. Today, the birds were not nervous and did not move around a lot as I walked past them, so when I turned around, I could photograph with the sun behind me. I took pictures of the turkeys in various poses. It was interesting the hens were on one side, and the gobblers were on the opposite side.

Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey Close-up of its head

In this picture, I spent an hour removing distractions. The tools are used worth the Marquis warned, quick selection tool, Lasso tool, clone tool, and the new content-aware-fill in the edit module.

Wild Turkeys after clean-up
original before clean-up


Suddenly, both the turkeys and mallards took off in flight. I was able to capture images of both. The turkeys were flying away from me, so I only got a 45° angle on them.

Wild Turkey in flight
Wild Turkey in flight
Wild Turkey in flight
Wild Turkey in flight
Pair of mallards in flight coming in for a landing
Pair of mallards in flight coming in for a landing
Pair of mallards in flight coming in for a landing

My son followed the turkeys to the end of the pond, where he did obtain images of them up in the trees.

I decided to go down to the bridge to see if there were any other waterfowl but mallards. I came across An American Coot, the first one that I have seen all year. I obtained various poses of the coot, swimming, eating, and walking on ice. All the coots that I observed in the past, they always have been in the water and not walking. Although, other species of the family, I have captured walking on Lily pads.

American Coot walking on the ice
American Coot sliding into the water from the ice
American Coot hiding under branches in the shade

Finale flock of mallards in the pond.

Mallards swimming, feeding, and bathing in Jenney Pond

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