Oregon Coast North in the Fog

Today was my last full day in Oregon. I was flying out in the morning from Portland. I decided to go up the Oregon Coast Hwy., Route 101, to Astoria and from there travel over to Portland.

It was a foggy morning when I left, and the fog continued until I reached Fort Clatsop, the over-wintering encampment of the Lewis and Clarke Expedition.

Yakima Point lighthouse in the fog

I processed all my images as HDR except one. The biggest problem was removing all of the sensor spots in the photos. No, I did not clean my sensor before I left on my trip.

I utilized photo merge In Lightroom Classic for the HDR, did my basic processing in LightRoom, and did final processing in Photoshop CC and saved the images back to LightRoom as PSD files.

In Photoshop, my processing utilized the various combination of NIK and Topaz plug-ins.

HDR Cape Mears lighthouse in the Fog
HDR Oregon Coast in the Fog
HDR Oregon Coast in the Fog
HDR Oregon Coast in the Fog

This image is an HDR-Panorama taken along the Oregon Coast below Cape Meares in a light fog. The HDR-Panorama first was combined in Lightroom Classic Photo Merge HDR Panorama. First, I saved the image full-size, and Then the size of the photo decreased with Steve Perry’s Web sharpen actions. Then the picture exported from LR as a JPEG.

HDR-Panorama Oregon Coast in the Fog

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