Interesting Findings

The other day, my son and I traveled to Sachuest Wildlife Sanctuary in Middletown, Rhode Island. The parking lot was almost filled, but most of these people were here to fish in the ocean.

We started walking down the ocean trail, and where the path first turned to follow the water at the safety fence, several birds were flitting through the conifer. I photographed one that hidden inside the tree, on a branch, in the shade. My son got a better image with the bird out in the open.  It was a golden-crowned kinglet. Usually, these kinglet’s do not stay in one place but flip around. Luckily, the one we shot stayed around.

Golden-crowned Kinglet
(c) Aaron Bornstein
Golden-crowned Kinglet

On our return trip going up the same path toward the visitor center, I noticed three gentlemen looking at something in the grass on the side of the trail. After they had left, and I got to the location where they were, I found a meadow vole feeding on the grass. My son took a video of the vole.

Meadow Vole
Meadow Vole

You find Voles throughout the world. People don’t like them because they disrupt lawns, but they do perform a useful function in distributing grass seeds, especially in areas destroyed by fire. They are also prey for hawks, owls, and different carnivores.

Typically, sightings of voles are fleeting. They disappear in a second. This little chap was more interested in eating than being bothered by us.

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