Mute Swan Family

Mute swan sitting by the side of the road

On Tuesday, September 3, my son and I went road tripping around southeastern Massachusetts looking for items to photograph.

Approaching Snipatuit Pond and pulling into a parking area. My son noticed ahead of us a mute swan. I Got out of the car slowly took my camera and started taking images. Slowly approaching the swan, I expected it to move into the water of the pond. However, when I arrived in front of the swan, it just stood there, and I noticed four Cygnets. 3 of the cygnets were gray in color “Polish strain,” and one was white “leucistic gene” sitting on the shore.

Pen Mute Swan and Cygnets

There was the activity of the birds on the land, and they finally went into the water to eat.

Mute Swan Cygnets
Mute swans feeding
Mute swan feeding

What was interesting that the adult Cob “male” was not around, protecting the family. Searching over the pond, I could not find any sign of him. I wonder if he got attacked by a fox or coyote?

Snipatuit Pond

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