Squacco Heron (Ardeola ralloid)

I’m sure a lot of my followers and noticed that I have not been posting anything on Facebook since June. Early on June 30, I was working on a blog about the Squacco Heron. Around suppertime, I had lost my appetite and only had some vegetables for supper. That night I’ve had some chills and sweats and the next day I spent mainly relaxing. Early on the morning of June 2, I woke up and tried to go to the bathroom but found that I could not stand and fell. Because I couldn’t stand and was feeling very lousy, my kids called the ambulance, and I ended up in the hospital. After consultations, the tentative diagnosis was Lyme disease. They started me on appropriate antibiotics, along with OT and PT therapy. By using a walker, I was able to move around somewhat. Although I was not happy with the suggestion, they convinced me that it would be best that I went into rehab. I spent from July 9 until the 24th at the rehab. Where they were able to help with increasing my strength and my walking ability until I was able to walk not using the walker every time and was able to climb stairs, that part climb stairs was necessary since at my condominium I have 14 stairs between downstairs in my bedroom. While I am slowly feeling better and awaiting the visiting nurse and after that, OT and PT at home. Hopefully, soon, I will be able to get out and photograph again.

When I go out photographing I wear insects shield protective clothing, and I checked myself for ticks when I come home. The only strange event was at the rehab when I was changing clothes when I shook out my pants and found a dead tick. Where it came from I, don’t know, but it can help confirm the diagnosis of Lyme disease.

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  1. Happy to hear you’re recovering and hopefully it won’t be too long before you’re out and about photographing. Meanwhile I’ve been enjoying your older posts. Also you might think of doing some macro photography while you’re housebound; maybe your kids could bring you some flowers to shoot if you’re up for it!

  2. Thinking of you as you deal with your illness. Get better soon. There are just too many photo opportunities for you to stop now. I am not so presumptuous as to suggest ‘I know how you feel,’ but perhaps some lines in this poem will speak to you. ‘A Blessing for a Friend on the Arrival of Illness’ by John O’Donohue. Using this link leads you to O’Donohue’s recitation of his poem:

    A Blessing for a Friend on the Arrival of Illness
    by John O’Donohue

    Now is the time of dark invitation
    Beyond a frontier that you did not expect;
    Abruptly, your old life seems distant.
    You barely noticed how each day opened
    A path through fields never questioned,
    Yet expected deep down to hold treasure.
    Now your time on earth becomes full of threat;
    Before your eyes your future shrinks.
    You lived absorbed in the day to day,
    So continuous with everything around you,
    That you could forget you were separate;
    Now this dark companion has come between you,
    Distances have opened in your eyes,
    You feel that against your will
    A stranger has married your heart.
    Nothing before has made you
    Feel so isolated and lost.
    When the reverberations of shock subside in you,
    May grace come to restore you to balance.
    May it shape a new space in your heart
    To embrace this illness as a teacher
    Who has come to open your life to new worlds.
    May you find in yourself
    A courageous hospitality
    Towards what is difficult,
    Painful and unknown.

    May you use this illness
    As a lantern to illuminate
    The new qualities that will emerge in you.
    May the fragile harvesting of this slow light
    Help you to release whatever has become false in you.
    May you trust this light to clear a path
    Through all the fog of old unease and anxiety
    Until you feel arising within you a tranquility
    Profound enough to call the storm to stillness.
    May you find the wisdom to listen to your illness:
    Ask it why it came? Why it chose your friendship?
    Where it wants to take you? What it wants you to know?
    What quality of space it wants to create in you?
    What you need to learn to become more fully yourself
    That your presence may shine in the world.
    May you keep faith with your body,
    Learning to see it as a holy sanctuary
    Which can bring this night-wound gradually
    Towards the healing and freedom of dawn.

    May you be granted the courage and vision
    To work through passivity and self-pity,
    To see the beauty you can harvest
    From the riches of this dark invitation.

    May you learn to receive it graciously,
    And promise to learn swiftly
    That it may leave you newborn,
    Willing to dedicate your time to birth.

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