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Storm in black and white

As I have mentioned in the past, I am revisiting my older pictures and reprocessing them. Why! Almost every day, week or month there is published from many software companies and excellent photographers new ways of improving an image. You can create your own plug-ins are purchased many different sets to help and your processing. There are also new filter plug-ins that are starting to use AI to improve the picture.

What I have done was to create my own set of actions in Photoshop and continue to improve on them as I learn new techniques.

Photographers that I follow and whose techniques have helped me include Artie Morris, Tin Man Lee, Jason Odell, Steve Perry, Tim Gray, Glenn Barclay, just to name a few. I try out snippets, and if I like what I have chosen, I will include it in my workflow.

People will say why do you spend the time doing this? Back in my film days, I would spend evenings and nights working in the darkroom smelling all the wonderful chemicals and adjusting the look of my image. Now I can sit in front of the computer, and do even more than what I could do in the darkroom, plus enjoy a cup of coffee at the same time.

Long Bill Thrasher
Western go doing the twist

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more and also often enjoy re-processing my images as I learn new techniques.

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