The Willow Ptarmigan

Male Willow Ptarmigan in flight

Because I have not been feeling yet up to par, I have not out photographing. However, I have been reviewing my older images. In the past I really deleted images, so now with my review images that are out of focus, or otherwise not recoverable are being eliminated. With all the new changes in LightRoom and Photoshop, plus tutorials from some well-known photographers, it has allowed me to process my amperage to a better style.

Right now, I am reviewing and reprocessing images from a trip to Churchill Manitoba, taken with Dave Hemmings and Glenn Bartley.

The willow ptarmigan is the most numerous of the three species of ptarmigan. It has a circumboreal distribution worldwide. Primarily found in subalpine and sub-Arctic habitat such as spines pine and birch forests, fickle with bewildering alder trees, tundra and mountain slopes.

Female Willow Ptarmigan
Willow Ptarmigan – Lagopus lagopus

During the winter the willow ptarmigan becomes utterly white except for a few black feathers in the tail. The subspecies found in Great Britain does not change in the winter and is known as a Red Grouse.

Willow Ptarmigan – Lagopus lagopus

The chicks eat insects and young plant growth while the adults are entirely herbivorous, eating leaves, flowers, buds, seeds, and berries during the summer and mainly subsisting on the buds and twigs of willow and other dwarf shrubs and trees during the winter.

Pair of Willow Ptarmigan – Lagopus lagopus

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