More thoughts on the Nikon Z7

Previously, I have been using my new Nikon Z7 for our landscape/scenic images. I did try using the camera for wildlife with the adapter and my Nikon 200 to 500 mm lens. I was not happy with the results. To improve my wildlife images, I spent time rereading the manual and reading blogs and other information on the use of the Z7 in wildlife and bird photography.

I adjusted my settings in the camera to manual mode, a minimum of 1/1250 second, auto ISO, and an appropriate f-stop. The last Friday, I went out with the Z7, the adapter, and the 200-500 mm lens. I was in high continuous shooting mode and wide-area autofocus. After reviewing images on my computer screen, I was delighted with the results. The only problem that I encountered was there were no birds in flight, so my pictures were of different birds mainly stationary, preening or feeding. Hopefully the next trip I’ll be able to get birds in flight and see how the camera performs.

Hen Mallard
Hen Mallards Preening
Mute Swan Family Feeding

3 thoughts on “More thoughts on the Nikon Z7

  1. All were excellent. seems as if contrast was very solid.

    Great colour and I wondered if you did any after shot lab work.

    I was greatly impressed but wanted to know whether the fotos were touched up at all.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Very nice. I tried the same thing with the same lens shooting pics of birds in my pond. They were not focused and not good.

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