Tuesday, my son, friend Doug, and I traveled early in the morning before the weather became too hot or humid on arriving at Jenny pond, the first creatures we located was the swan family. Sadly, there was only one juvenile left. Well, we will never really know what happened to the other juvenile, was it a snapping turtle, coyote, or fox that captured it.  This family of mute swans has had a hard time this year. First their original nest was destroyed. After creating a new nest, they asked for cygnets and slowly the cygnets were decreased to this last one.

Mute Swan Family
Pen Mute Swan

The last three members of the swan family, all hung out together as they were feeding.

Compared to our last visit, there were only a few mallards swimming, most of them stayed in the shade. The last time we were here the land and water were filled with mallards.


Black-crowned night-herons last time were absent, but today, we located eight different individuals both adults and juvenile.

Juvenile Black-crowd night-Heron and a Mallard
Black-crowd night-Heron
Black-crowd night-Heron hidden in the trees
Black-crowned night-Heron sleeping

There was also two great blue herons, one adult, and one juvenile.

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron
Pair of Great Blue Herons

Around the edge of the pond, flowers were blooming.

American Burnweed
White Wood Aster
Doug on the bridge bird watching

We finished off the morning at Nelson Beach, where I found for me a new species of bumblebee, golden northern bumblebee on mugwort.

Golden Northern Bumblebee
Golden Northern Bumblebee On Mugwort

One thought on “Sadness

  1. Beautiful photos! I read the post to see why the photo of those beautiful swans was “sad”…then I felt sad. But, the rest of the photos including the wild flowers cheered me up! 🙂

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