Daniel Webster Sanctuary

Mallard flapping

The other day, my son and I took a run down to Daniel Webster sanctuary hoping to get images of the least. Bittern. I do have a least bittern on my life list, but I do not have any photos.

Recently a least bitten was located around the afternoon blind at Daniel Webster. We spent a few hours searching but negative results. In the pond, there were a couple of families of mallards, adults, and ducklings, swimming and feeding.

mallards and water lilies
Mallard and ducklings

The most common birds that we cited were barn swallows. Besides the swallows hanging out on an old branch there were also sitting on grass stems. In the blind, there still was a nest containing young tree swallows.

Barn swallows gathering on a branch
Barn swallows sitting on grass stems

Because the weather has been so hot, it would be kind of you to put out some dishes with water for the birds and animals.

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