Best Laid Plans

Cobs Swan in black and white

Tuesday, the plan was to return to Tamarack Park and photograph the British soldiers’ lichens again. I planned on photographing the lichens so I could stack the images and get more depth of field. However, the plan didn’t work out. The lichens that were on the post were almost all gone, and there was only one small British soldier lichen.

Since this idea wasn’t working out, we decided to swing over to Plymouth. At Jenny Pond, there were not many Passarines. There was also a lot of maintenance going on with tree trimming and road repair.

Tree maintenance

The swan family was swimming around along with Canada geese. The cob Swan as compared to earlier in the season ignored the Canada geese. There were only two young swans left out of the original four, one white and one grey. The family stayed together while feeding.

Pen mute Swan and cygnet
Mute Swan family

The Canada geese were feeding with one goose preening and washing. The two images of that goose that I liked was one where the water was pouring down off its back, and I caught the flap with the wings straight out in front.

Canada goose flapping
Canada goose preening

Across the pond, we noticed a hawk in the tree and after a good look at its tail determines it was a Cooper’s Hawk.

Cooper’s Hawk

We finished the morning at Nelson Beach, there was a pair of people feeding the gulls, and we photograph the gulls flying. Down on the beach, a trio of laughing gulls was preening.

Ring-build gull in flight
Laughing gulls preening

Although I did not get what I originally wanted, it was good being out and we obtain some lovely images.

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