Update and Beach Avenue, Acoaxet

The view looking down toward the Knubble
Google Map, Beach Avenue

Just to let all my readers know what is happening, my back is still hurting and not allowing me to walk long distances. I’ve only been getting out a couple of days during this month. On Monday I am getting an epidural injection into my back to see if it will help with the pain and allow me more freedom.

This week my son, Doug and I did some birding and photography and Rhode Island and in Westport in the Acoaxet area. An area that is great to visit for multiple activities including wildlife photography, landscapes, bird watching, and just hiking is Beach Avenue. Directions are to drive up River Road to Acoaxet Road almost to the end and take a right down Beach Avenue. Beach Avenue is a dirt road, and there are only specific areas where you can park. If you have a handicap plate/sticker, you can drive further down the road. At the very end of the way is the Knubble, a rock at the West and of the Westport River where it empties into the Bay. Along the left side of the road are some large mansions including “Pond Meadow” which was built by Earl P. Charlton of Fall River.

Pond meadow in infrared

Visits in the past have had a good number of shorebirds feeding in the wrack. This visit there were no shorebirds, a few gulls and families of common eiders swimming in the surf.

Great black-backed gull feeding
Common eider families swimming in the surf

Waves were crashing onto the rocks offshore and after the main part of the wave passed there was water running down the side of the walk like a waterfall.

Waves crashing on the rock
Waterfall off the rock after the waves hit

Just remember, if you want to visit this area you have to travel through Adamsville, Rhode Island.

Google Map, Beach Avenue

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  1. I always enjoy your posts! Sorry to hear about your back pain; I hope the injection works for you.

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