Mother and Babies

Mute Swan Pen and Cygnets

Friday, my son and I returned to Jenny pond in Plymouth Massachusetts for follow-up on the mute swans. The pen and her cygnets were swimming in the pond around the location of the nest. Photographing this family of mute swans was somewhat tricky because the trees had leafed out and decreased the number of openings to of the family. Otherwise, we had a shoot through branches and leaves. To blur the branches and leaves, I opened my lens to the widest setting which was f/5.6. What was interesting was the cob was not around but words further down on the pond sleeping, even though Canada geese were swimming around near the swan family.

The pen and the cygnets were swimming around with the cygnets usually following behind their mother. There were a total of four cygnets, two of which had the grey/buff color, and the other two were white. White cygnets have a leucistic gene and are known as the Polish color morph. This morph occurs in a Swan population that has had domestication.

Mute Swan Pen and Cygnets

As I continued to watch and photograph the family, suddenly one of the cygnets disappeared. It apparently got tired and decided to climb onto the mothers back and hide, but later on, it poked its head out and was looking around at its brothers and sisters.

Mute Swan Pen and Cygnets

At one point the family swam back to the nest area. There were two Canada geese feeding on the nest area. For a portion of the time, the pen ignored them when suddenly she raised her wings in the attack mode and chased them off of the nest. After concluding that the family continued to swim around and feed.

Mute Swan pen chasing Canada geese
Mute Swan Pen and Cygnets
Mute Swan Pen and Cygnets photographed through the leaves

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