A Joyous Event

It is Tuesday, our weekly birding Day and we traveled on a day which started out sunny and which ended with the sky completely overcast.

What was the joyous event? At Jenny pond in Plymouth Massachusetts, the pens mute swan was still sitting on her nest with her cobs swimming in the water nearby. Suddenly the pens stood up, and I observed a cygnet underneath her breast. There were also two other unhatched eggs under the female. The egg from which the cygnet had recently hatched was off to the side.

For all the times I have observed mute Swan families this is the first time that I saw a newly hatched cygnet. Usually, by the time I see the cygnet, they are probably at least once a week’s hold and swimming along with the parents.

I hope to return later on in the week and see if the other two eggs hatched. This is the second try for this pair of swans. Their first nest got destroyed.

One thought on “A Joyous Event

  1. Myer, what a wonderful capture. Thank you taking the photograph and sharing it with all of us who may never see something like this. Be well and keep on shooting.

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