Nelson Beach

Great Egret in the pannes

To continue more findings at Nelson Beach after talking about the red-throated loon’s in my last blog, I’ll describe other findings at this location.

Beside the nesting Osprey, who were adjusted to us humans due to the location of their nest, the other most common birds of the gulls, the variety depends on the season of the year. Presently there are great black-backed, Herring, Ring-billed and laughing gulls.

Osprey soaring

There was a flock of dunlins prowling through the water just offshore looking for food. The dunlins are also changing into their breeding plumage.

Dunlins waiting in the surf and starting to change into summer plumage

Feeding in the pannes was a Great Egret, a glossy ibis, and a lesser yellowlegs.

Glossy Ibis – Plegadis falcinellus
Lesser yellowlegs landing
Great Egret and glossy ibis feeding in the pannes

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