My View of the Tamron 18 – 400 mm Lens for APC Cameras

Since 23 March I have been utilizing the Tamron 18-400 mm lens with my Nikon D500 for all my photographing up to now rather than using the Nikon D 200- 500 mm lens. Yes, I lose a hundred millimeters of focal length with the new combination, but it didn’t seem to hinder me getting the images that I wanted. The one advantage to using the Tamron lens was that I was able to capture images from wide-angle to telephoto without changing lenses. I did not find any problem with the image quality.

One action that I have been trying to photograph both this year and last year was the interactions between the cob mute Swan and Canada geese. The Mute Swan would chase any Canada geese that came near the mute swan’s nest. When the action occurred using my 200 to 500 mm lens, I was either too close to the action to capture both birds in the same field, or I had to be so far away that trees and branches obscured the image. Now with the zoom lens of the Tamron, I was able to capture the image that I wanted.

Mute Swan chasing the Canada goose

To see the quality of the images review my blogs starting with

Pair of Wood Duck – Aix sponsa swimming

Finally, for those that use an APC camera, this is a lightweight, well-built, with vibration reduction lens and covers wide-angle to telephoto at a reasonable price. I bought mine through Hunt’s Photo and received it with free shipping the next day. If you call them, ask for Gary or Al and use my name.

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