Another Visit to the Cape Cod Canal

Causeway in the Cape Cod canal

This past Tuesday, prior to the Non-Easter, we traveled down again to the Cape Cod Canal hoping to see the king eider is that have been reported. The temperature was in the 30s, the sky was blue with a scattering of cirrus clouds and a bright sun shining down toward our right. The first major stopping point was Scusset Beach down by the breakwater, where we climbed up to visualize the scattering of large flocks of eiders. Swimming on the outside of the flock was a pair of King eider’s, when they swam into the sun we in the losing sight of them, so no images were obtained. Another thing that needed somewhat difficult was the boats traveling up and down the canal which caused the flock of eiders to fly. When the ships passed by the eiders did return, but we could not find the pair of King eiders.

Fishing boat in the canal
Common eiders near the Causeway
Common eiders flying by the fishing boat
Fuel pods being pushed by a tug up the canal
Common eiders flying over the canal
Common eider flapping

We then traveled down to the fishing pier and looking around we could visualize down toward the east another flock of birds. Traveling down, a half-dozen common loons were swimming in feeding. Surprisingly, when we reached the concentration of ducks they were mostly surf scoters. White-wings Scoters were also seen along with a single American (black) scoter. There were also a number of red-breasted mergansers. An interesting event was that the common loon, red-breasted merganser, and the surf scoters were calling.

Common loon
Surf scoters
Surf scoter landing
Surf scoter
White-winged scoters
White-wing scoter scratching
Red-Breasted Merganser

Normally, when we see scoters, they are far out and are difficult to photograph, well today they were in close to the shoreline and were able to give us good looks and images.

Rather than using my Nikon 200 to 500 mm lens with my Nikon D500 the images today were taken with the Tamron 18-400 mm lens. This was my first use with this lens and so far I am satisfied and because of the zoom capability of this lens, I was able to photograph from a wide angle to a telephoto were out having to change lenses.

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