Lifer #750

Tuesday, Doug and I visited Dunback Meadows in Lexington to see if we could locate the long-eared owl roost reported in the location. When we arrived, we had no idea where the perch was. However, a lovely lady told us up in the general area. It was in the woods to the right of the baseball field, approximately 1/4 of a mile from the entrance. We located the tree, found one owl which I was able to get an image of even though it was hidden behind branches. Not an excellent shot but it did show we did see the owl. SPending time and searching we found a total of five owls in the roosting tree all of which were hidden behind branches. It was a pleasure to see this bird which for me was a number 750 on my life list.

Long-eared Owl (Asio otus)

Long-here owls sleep in the roosting tree during the day and spend the night out hunting for food. Probably the best time to see him in action is around dayb

reak and nightfall.

Next, I need to capture images of saw what owl and great grey owl to help complete my pictures of owls of New England. Probably will have to try again to see if I can capture a better image of the long-eared owl.

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