Since I wrote my last blog, my family doctor set me up an appointment with my cardiologist. After my cardiologist examined me he told me I look like cr*p. My blood pressure was 88/44 and he advised that I get hospitalized. After my episode in the hospital getting hydrated and having my medications adjusted I was sent home on a new antihypertensive medicine. My follow-up both with my cardiologist and family physician showed my blood pressure now to be in the normal range. My cardiologist placed me on an event monitor to see if there were any problems with my heart when I got the dizzy episodes. Since I been wearing mine monitor I’ve only had two episodes. Still, have two weeks to go. I’m slowly increasing my activity and have had one day out photographing.

Drake Gadwal


“Splitter splash I am taking a bath” Hen Mallard
Drake Ring-neck Duck

The recent cold spells have started ice formation on the local ponds. The decrease of open water is concentrating waterfowls into smaller areas and making them easier to photograph.

I want to wish all my readers a happy holiday no matter which one you celebrate. My family has celebrated Hanukkah and tomorrow on Christmas Eve we are gathered to celebrate Christmas.

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