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Adobe released not one but two upgrades to Lightroom. First a comment. I think Adobe next stop is to correct the name changes. The old Lightroom CC is now Lightroom Classic CC, and the new mobile version is Lightroom CC. It would’ve made more sense to keep the old name Lightroom CC and call the new version Lightroom Mobile CC.

After reviewing multiple blogs and videos, my conclusion is for my workflow at present I will stay with Lightroom Classic CC. It is the same program I have been using for many years with some additions. Improvements include faster performance and a Range Mask feature in the adjustment brush, radial filter, and graduated filter to select specific ranges of color or tones. I have found that Lightroom launches faster, previews generated more quickly, and Brushing is more responsive than previous versions. With the embedded and sidecar preview option importing is faster and it is easier to cull your workflow. Another interesting fact is the size of the catalog is decreased. My catalog size in the old Lightroom CC was over 9 million kB in the new classic Lightroom is only 5 million kB

Since I do not take many pictures with my cell phone and when I travel I use a laptop and external drives to manage the images, I create on those trips. When I return home, I add those files to my main catalog on my desktop. Mainly I just cull and delete out of focus images, process a few pictures for the web and wait until I return home for the final processing.

The new Lightroom CC is a cloud-native version of Lightroom where everything is synced and stored in the cloud and is available to any of your devices. But, many features are missing that people utilize. The Lightroom Queen put together a table that compares the differences between the two versions.

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