Mad at Myself

Sparkling dew

Why am I mad at myself? The reason is not seizing the moment! The other morning, I traveled to Daniel Webster Audubon Sanctuary because there have been good sightings of Buck white-tailed deer seen and I wanted to obtain images for myself and to share with others. When I left the house, it was very foggy in the fog didn’t start to break up until I reached Route 3 in Plymouth. Coming off of Route 3 onto Route 14 in Duxbury and traveling down into Marshfield, there was golden fog with light streaks coming through the trees. I thought to myself; I should stop and photograph this, but, I wanted to make it to the sanctuary to shoot the deer. So I pass by a scene that probably would not ever reoccur again, although fog will come the combination of lights would not occur. When I got to Daniel Webster and traveled to the location where people had seen the deer, I met a friend who told me no deer today. The deer had been there the last two days.

I did obtain photos of dew laden grasses, and a female common yellowthroat did purchase up for me at the afternoon blind. So the day was not a complete washout.

Covered with dew
Female Common Yellowthroat – Geothlypis trichas

Remember, if you see a scene that you think should be photographed, stop and shoot because it may not be there the next time you pass by that location.

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