Cooperative White-tailed Deer

This morning, my son and I took a trip down to Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge, Middletown Rhode Island. We traveled the Oceanview loop, ensuring the beautiful cool morning and photographed some different subjects. At the entrance to the Price Neck Overlook Trail, I noticed off to the left of the trail where down in the vegetation there was a white-tailed deer.

Refuge map showing location of the deer

From the main trail, I took a few images.

Me photographing the deer
White-tailed deer in the deep grasses

Then slowly walking up the trail, watching the deer to see if my movements up the trail were bothering it, I stopped and took additional images until I was just opposite from where the deer was laying. The deer looked at me and then continued to eat. I then slowly walked back down the trail, when I noticed a monarch butterfly land on a thistle flower which was just in front of the deer’s face I took some pictures, keep in the butterfly in focus and just having the deer’s face behind┬áthe monarch in a soft out of focus mode.

Monarch butterfly feeding on a vessel with a white-tailed deer in the background

I hope you enjoy the photo just as much as I did In taking the picture and presenting it.

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