Bland to Colorful

Bland sky with a hint of sun

Yesterday, fluffy white clouds filled the sky decided to do another sunset shoot at Gooseberry Neck. However, upon arriving the sky was filled with mainly dull gray clouds with a hint of sun trying to break through. Since we were there decided to see what will take place as the time progresses. As it was getting close to sunset, a faint reddish glow occurred at a portion of the horizon. After sunset everything had changed, the sky lit up with red colors and gave us an enjoyable look at the beauty of our natural world.

Sky just prior to sunset with an inch of color at the horizon
The sky showing magenta color
The sky with the clouds illuminated
The sky 30 minutes after sunset

Here is a link to the time-lapse video of the 459 images that I took of this event

The people that stayed and observed the sky got a real treat. Like I said in a previous blog you need to be at the location you want to photograph the sunset 1 1/2 hour before sunset and should wait until at least 30 to 45 minutes after sunset. You never know what will happen. It could be a complete washout or like what happened to be an extraordinary event.

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