Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

In all my previous visits to the Dover Delaware area, I have not visited Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge. Despite it being only 38 miles south of the hotel location. Prime Hook was established in 1963 and located along the marshes of the Western Delaware Bay. The refuge protects over 10,000 acres of habitat which is a mix of fresh and saltwater wetlands.

The name of Prime Hook came from the early Dutch settlers who found an abundant of purple beach plums and they call the area Priume Hoek, meaning Plum Point.

Prime Hook has an auto tour route which is around 22 miles long. All roads on this tour are public roads. There are six locations to visit after the refuge headquarters. They are Broadkill impoundments; Broadkill Beach; Deep Branch Road; Prime Hook Road Impoundments, Bridge on Cods Road; and Fowler Beach.

The refuge is open all year round, during hunting season check for closures, and during the summer months be aware of high mosquito and biting fly populations. There is no charge to visit the refuge in the hours are from a half-hour before sunrise to a half-hour after sunset.

When we visited, there was lots of fog present, but it did not hinder the photography. In the impoundments, there were significant numbers of snowy egrets plus shorebirds which included Yellowlegs and Dunlins.

Green bushes and dead trees
Fog over the pond
Looking through the trees at the sky
Greater yellowlegs
Osprey with a fish
Osprey and a natural nest
Snowy Egret swallowing a fish with just the tail sticking out of its mouth
Foresters tern hovering
Common carp
White-tail deer
Horseshoe crab on the beach
Snowy Egret splashing for food
Snowy Egret
Snowy egrets
Northern shoveler
Turkey vulture
Spider web
Spider web

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