“Faster Than a Speeding Bullet,”

American Mink – Neovison vison “I am looking for you”

For the number of times I have been down to the Cape Cod Canal, I have not seen The American Mink that roams along the shore, among the rocks.  The other day I went down with the intent in mind of seeing and photographing the mink.  The mink has been usually found around the fishing dock, so that’s where we planted ourselves to observe the shoreline.  The shore of the canal is made up of many large boulders, which gives the mink places to hide and also to have a den.  Makes can have a home range, which size can range from .6 of a mile to 3 3/4 of a mile.  Makes run by abounding gate and can go with us speed up to 4 mph.  What makes it harder to photograph from that they will also snake under the rocks and even reverse directions so they come up behind you, rather than in front of you.  Because of the large number of fish in the canal, minks have a ready supply of food.  Minks will dive to depths of 12 inches lasting from 10 to 60 seconds.  Besides fish.  Minks will feed on rodents, crustaceans, amphibians and birds.  Besides, swimming, they also can climb trees.

American Mink – Neovison vison

American Mink – Neovison vison

American Mink – Neovison vison going fishing

American Mink – Neovison vison swimming with a fish

American Mink – Neovison vison
fish in the water of the canal
American Mink – Neovison vison out of the water

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