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Sun Setting at Gooseberry

Since Thursday morning, every day I have been out photographing and in today’s blog, I will present samples from each day.

We started out early Thursday morning, hoping to capture some of the Lyrid meteors.  A number of meteors were seen but not captured, however, we got a photograph of the Milky Way.

Milky Way at the Stone Barn

On Friday, travel down to Allens Pond Audubon sanctuary, hoping again to capture piping plovers.  But, we were shut out.  However, a snowy egret presented itself in the pannes, and posed for us.

Snowy Egret in the Pannes

Saturday, I joined a group at Great Meadows National Wildlife refuge.  Starting out predawn and when the sun came up, it illuminated the cattails.  In the middle of one of the ponds, a great number of swallows were flying around and resting on the bushes sticking out of the water.  Most of the swallows were tree swallows, but mixed in were a number of barn swallows.  A pair of Canada geese got into a fight.  Both sexes of the red-winged blackbird were present.  A hen and drake wood duck gave a good opportunity for photography.  A great surprise, feeding among the the reeds along the waters edge was a female orchard oriole.

Swallows in Action
Wood Ducks
Female Orchard Oriole
Canada Geese Fighting
Cattails at Sunrise
Red-winged Blackbird
Red-winged Blackbird

Saturday night, we watched a great sunset at Gooseberry and some of the best color occurred 15-20 minutes after sunset.  Of course, as usual, a lot of the people that came to watch the sunset left as soon as the sunset, instead of staying since some of the best color occurs after the sun has set.  We also photograph the half-moon, and Jupiter up to the left of the moon.

Color in the Clouds, after Sunset at Gooseberry
Half-Moon, and Jupiter

Sunday, was a trip to Colt State Park in Bristol, Rhode Island, where there was a flight of 50 to 75 Brant.  Also, a snowy egret again gave us some great views.

Atlantic Brant in flight
Snowy Egret

Monday, we went out to Gooseberry and Acoaxet, in Westport.  We had Herring gulls fighting over a clam, a female American goldfinch posed for us, and a great egret was looking for for food.

American Goldfinch
Herring Gulls Squabbling over a Clam
Great Egret Looking for Food

Real early Thursday morning I leave for a long weekend photographing the hill country of Texas.

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