Cape Cod Canal

Enjoying a beautiful March day

We had visited down to Cape Cod Canal.  Hopefully to get out to Scuesset Beach, however, the road, pass the headquarters building was closed because of the snow.  The path that ran from the Sagamore Bridge down to Scuesset Beach was plowed, and there were a number of people walking and jogging on it.  For all the winters I have been coming down to the canal, this day was the first one that I saw the canal with a large amount ice flowing from Buzzards Bay out to the ocean.  There was more ice on the Scuesset side than on the Sagamore side.  There was a large ice flow stranded up on the rock side of the canal.  There were waterfowl coming and going, including greater scaup, common goldeneye and of course, common eiders.  There were a number of gulls flying overhead.  I am sure as the weather warms up the ice will clear from the canal and we will see more waterfowl in the canal.

Great black-backed gull

greatest scaup flying from the ice on the canal

large ice flow

common eiders flying in

common goldeneye

Video of the ice flowing in the Cape Cod Canal

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