Hey Hawk Surprise

Red-shouldered Hawk

It is another winter day here in Southeastern Massachusetts from a very cold morning to first of the snowstorms before the blizzard starts late tonight and into tomorrow.  I have spent the day photographing the birds coming to the feeder.  Watching the interactions between the different species and among the species.  At 4:00 PM, I came back down to capture the end of the day images.  Suddenly, out of the conifer a covey of at least 12 Council at more mourning doves came flying out headed in all directions.  I said to myself.  There has to be a hawk  nearby.  I thought initially that it would been a Cooper’s Hawk, but out of the conifer flew a red-shouldered hawk which landed a nearby tree and gave me a chance to photograph it.  After the hawk took off, the juncos, titmouse is and house sparrows came in and started feeding.

Red-shouldered Hawk
Red-shouldered Hawk

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