Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Continued.

Sunrise on Dalles Mountain

On April 28. The group was out at 5 AM to travel to the Dalles Mountain to photograph the sunrise. The color in the clouds, which was 180° opposite the sunrise was ever-changing and we utilized the broadleaf lupines and the arrowleaf balsamroot as foregrounds. After finishing with the sunrise photos we went for breakfast and coffee.

Sunrise on Dalles Mountain

Sunrise on Dalles Mountain

Sunrise on Dalles Mountain

We then traveled to the Horsetail Falls, where we hiked up to the Upper Horsetail Falls, otherwise known as Ponytail Falls. You can view the falls from the right side and left side as well as behind the falls in a cave that that was eroded below a lava flow.

Ponytail Falls looking from the cave
Ponytail Falls on the right side

After lunch and a bit of rest, we were in the afternoon at Dry Creek Falls. It was a good thing we were in four-wheel drive vehicles since the road up, was bumpy and had standing water and mud, which coded the cars. The falls falls 75 feet in a nice canyon. The Canyon does get illuminated by the afternoon’s sun, which helps create an interesting photo. On the side of the trail was an old tree stump that was partially burned and had different colored lichens on it. The Creek became illuminated by the sun coming through the canopy and help create another interesting image.

Dry Creek Falls

Dry Creek Falls

Photographers photographing Dry Creek Falls
Canyon of dry Creek lit up by the sun

Old tree trunk with colors

Dry Creek illuminated by sun coming through the overhead

After slowly coming back down from the falls. We then went to the Rowena overlook to photograph the plants and hopefully a sunset.

Arrowleaf Balsamroot Sunset on Rowena Lookout

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